How do you become world-famous in Austria?

Domino's Pizza

How do you become world-famous in Austria?

Domino’s has been delivering hot pizza in record time since 1960. Today, Domino’s Pizza is loved by people all over the world. However, with an extremely high concentration of pizzerias in the country, Austria presented even this global player with a challenge. With the help of kraftwerk, the pizza chain took the plunge in 2017 and finally opened up in Vienna as well. This makes Austria the 86th market for the fastest growing restaurant chain in the world.

For the market launch in Austria, kraftwerk and Domino’s focused on the motto: ‘think global, act local!’. ‘The Famous Pizza of Your Neighbourhood’ forms the communicative framework enclosing the global brand and the Viennese neighbourhood. The record start of the first outlet in Floridsdorf in Vienna created a sensation and wowed Domino’s Pizza International. Through storytelling at the POS, in print media, out-of-home and online channels, even the Austrians have finally acquired a taste for the world-famous pizza. And the success saga continues: by end of 2020, Domino’s Pizza plans to open 40 outlets throughout Austria.

Domino’s opens ‘The Famous Pizza of your Neighbourhood’ in Vienna

  • Record start with the most successful outlet opening in Europe
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  • Market launch with 360° traditional and online campaign
  • Ongoing support, including community management

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