Stadt Wien

How do you mobilise (almost) the whole of Vienna?

Stadt Wien

How do you mobilise (almost) the whole of Vienna?

‘Nothing’s going to change!’, ‘Go out in this weather?’, ‘The same drama again?’ – Austrian men and women have plenty of excuses when it comes to elections. So, how do you convince the people of Vienna to cast their vote despite beautiful weather and multiple election rounds? For the city of Vienna, the answer is clear: choose kraftwerk and increase voter turnout for three elections in a row.

The Municipal government, Federal President and National Assembly − the people of Vienna had three elections between 2015 and 2017. And all three times, the city of Vienna relied on kraftwerk as the agency for voter mobilisation. Through innovative 360° campaigns, kraftwerk significantly increased voter turnout and ensured a record number of ballots submitted.

Vienna elections 2015 - CAST YOUR VOTE, BREAK THE SILENCE

  • 7% increase in voter turnout in Vienna
  • Record number of ballots submitted
  • Klaus Eberhartinger motivates people to vote


Eberhartinger for the people

  • Interactive OOH installation
  • Web and social media livestream
  • Viral videos of the campaign
  • Call to register ballots

Three phases of the Federal Presidential elections 2016 - CAST YOUR VOTE FOR AUSTRIA

  • 20% increase in voter turnout in spite of three election rounds
  • High-impact, short, viral ads
  • Gold Dolphin award at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in the category ‘Social Media & Short Films


National Assembly Elections 2017 - CREATE A STRONG IMPRESSION

kraftwerk provided a 360° complete motivation package for voters in Vienna for the 3rd consecutive election year. The result: voter turnout increased from 69.63% to 76.12%.

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