In 1990

17 students wanted to change the world and combined new technology with new communication. Over 4,500 successful projects later, kraftwerk has well and truly stirred up the (domestic) agency market. We’re still working on changing the world.

The fact is …

kraftwerk is made up of 5 companies and 23 start-ups. 63 full-time thinkers and innovators as well as 52 freelancers work together at 5 locations. This makes us a long-standing top digital agency in Austria35% international turnover 67 domestic and international clients 19.2 million group turnover • Number 1 digital agency and number 3 advertising agency in Austria (xpertnet 2021)



Who needs a fixed portfolio ...

... when you can reinvent yourself with every new project? For the last 30 years, kraftwerk has accompanied clients on journeys of new discoveries.

Through extensive experience and creative innovation, we ensure that at the end of the day our clients are always one step ahead.


We love everything that’s new. Whether it’s the communication forms of tomorrow, wearables and voice-controlled systems or new business models − we try our hand at it. For clients who are as curious and inquisitive as we are, we even take over the risks and a part of the costs of their innovation projects.


Even after more than 28 years of consulting and managing companies, we learn something new from every client. Our know-how and experience make us an efficient sparring partner for discussing strategies, concepts, brand creation and development, product development, new business models and, of course, digital change.


360°, holistic or integrated communication − whatever you call it, kraftwerk has been living the principle since the 90s. Instead of online or traditional projects, we think in terms of effective communication strategies. Whatever suits the client best is implemented − with the full service and using the media that actually makes sense.


We at kraftwerk love to work with people on whom we can rely 100%. For this reason, we have established our own in-house team of top developers and programmers over a period of more than 18 years. As part of kraftwerk technology, we therefore also offer concepts and implementation services for technical innovations, e-commerce solutions, market places, platforms, apps, interfaces and, of course, websites and web portals.

No time for submissions!

If our clients are happy with successful projects, campaigns and solutions, we start working on the next project right away at full throttle. Therefore, practically all our awards also come from submissions made by proud clients.

Thank you!