Can you change the world in three days?

„No frontal lectures, no stage and certainly no PowerPoint!“

What happens when some of the smartest and most influential people put their minds together for three days to think about the future? What happens if you remove a stage, a powerpoint and mass lectures at a conference? What happens when you are challenged in talks and workshops by top-class speakers and disruptors for 72 hours non-stop in unusual locations?

"Change of Perspective" was the theme of the second Fast Forward Forum 2019 in Venice - all participants were challenged to leave their personal comfort zone and traditional thinking patterns. The nine speakers - Cindy Gallop, Dr. Shafi Ahmed, Dr. Sandra Matz, Dr. Moran Cerf, Carla Johnson, Sunnie Groeneveld, Lucie Greene, Igor Beuker and Heimo Hammer - drew possible future scenarios and initiated an exciting debate such as the use of innovative technologies, the advance of big tech companies, digital leadership, the opportunities of diversity in the individual’s world, society and the world as we know it today.

The Fast Forward Files - Changing Perspective

Why you should definitely read this book: Are you interested in how we can best prepare for the world of tomorrow, what we should consider in an ever faster changing world and how we can help shape it?

Then let yourself be inspired by the perspectives of the nine disruptive thought leaders and authors.

The results can be found in a compendium of five cross-linked books - from innovation to big tech companies, healthcare and psychological targeting, digital leadership to equality.

Curious? Find out more about the change of perspective in the FastForward Files, ed.2.