Heimo Hammer

„Fewer Powerpoint presentations, more concrete projects.“


Where do we come from? Where are we headed? Who are we? These are the typical questions that people ask during a mid-life crisis – and so do companies that are in the process of strategising. Trends are becoming increasingly short-lived, customer attention spans are getting shorter than ever and the variety of stimuli and information is forever growing.

The younger generation’s concept of life is completely different from the old philosophies of their parents and generations before them. Events in the global economy are coming in thick and fast: cryptocurrencies, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, smart homes. These are just a few of the developments that will drastically change our lives in the future. Some prophesise doom, saying that digital revolution will devour our children; others believe digitisation will offer unimagined opportunities, and rejoice at the prospect. But where is the sense in it all? Where are the social benefits? Do there always have to be winners and losers?


Under the slogan #HelloTomorrow, kraftwerk intends to pursue the path of change with even more determination in the future. The naive basic idea is that if a company or the public sector does not have the budget for new, truly innovative ideas, kraftwerk will step in and invest from its own pocket or advance the funds. It is better to implement a couple of projects a year as ‘future projects’ than wait for the future to come to us. Fewer Powerpoint presentations, more concrete projects. Commercial aspects are not the driving force here; rather, it is the desire for true innovation potential. Where this will lead us is anybody’s guess, but it’s sure to be an exciting journey.

The triad of ‘consulting, communication and technology’ is the first chord in kraftwerk’s melody for the future. Our aim is not to make a fast buck or look for a ‘quick exit’ with our customers, partners and start-up companies. We want to align ourselves strategically and actively to the future market and shape it together.

Our dream to invest in customers should enable us to support customers’ transformations in the long-term and, in turn, help us to transform ourselves. And yes, dreaming is still allowed at kraftwerk.